Please note that this is a beta version under final testing.

About Journals Advisor

Journals Advisor is a platform that displays author ratings from all journals, providing feedback on all steps from submission to publication. The aim is to help prospective authors and readers to form an opinion about the quality of editorial and publishing processes.

Some key features are:

  • Accuracy: Only authors who are confirmed to have published in a journal can provide feedback via the Journals Advisor service. Identification of authors is done using the Scilit.net database.
  • Detail: Authors comment on submission system, the editorial process, quality of peer review, speed of publication, production, etc. The results are aggregated and made available online. Single ratings from users are also visible.
  • Broad: We gather feedback about journals across all fields and from any publisher.

Journals Advisor was established by open access publisher MDPI and uses data from the Scilit.net database. Our aim as a publisher is to encourage high quality communication of the latest research by providing an excellent service to authors and readers. This platform is an additional way to inform and empower the research community. It complements measures such as citation-based metrics by providing quality indications of the editorial process.